Berzerk Ball 2 Game: Create a Geek to Hit!

Berzerk Ball 2 – A sequel that the distance-based genre simply couldn’t exist without

Ahead of the Competition; Beyond Compare

I’d say that the word ‘geek’ is used all too often nowadays and in a manner that is too broad for the world to even retain its meaning. The adoption of geek chic by those endowed with less brain cells than the average person is indicative of a sudden realisation that past the realms of high school, brains actually do equal beauty; millions of ‘Geek’ t-shirts and glasses sans lenses later, you’ve got people that are geek by self-identification of this property only, regardless of the original definition of the word. Most of these people are certainly not geeks, reflected by their inability to solve an equation or even recognise numbers that aren’t printed on department store price tags, but thankfully, Berzerk Ball 2 is a place where you can take solace in the fact that you can still find a geek that conforms to the traditional definition: greasy, overweight, and a likely fan of Dungeons and Dragons or possible live-action role-play. Take the satisfaction in the ability to customise and then smash this geek over massive distances for prolonged periods of time and you’ve got yourself an impressive distance-based game that is miles above, past, and beyond its competition.

Creation is Only the Beginning

Berzerk Ball 2 is a sublime distance-based masterpiece from Berzerk Studio and sequel to the original Berzerk Ball that lets you create, customise, and pulverise a geek into next Tuesday, of the following year, ten decades on. That’s right, before you go smashing geeks around you must create one whose appearance you despise enough to be violent towards first. After choosing from a variety of heads, torsos and lower halves you then get to choose your protagonist (or antagonist if you’re a geek and are getting all defensive over your kind) who will commit the smashing. Don’t worry, your initial choice can be changed frequently as you level up as a team, earning experience points and adding to a variety of performance-enhancing attributes along the way. The aim is simply to smash your geek as far as possible into the distance by stopping the angle and power indicators as close to the white zones as possible, and you’ll have more fun than you ever thought was possible in doing so.

Up the Grade, Build the Team

The game has RPG qualities in that you gain experience points for each round that you play. The quantity of experience points you receive depends on the distance you get your geek to travel, which will be small at first but this will soon change when you begin to level up and add to attributes such as your power, stamina, and the slipperiness of your geek. Each attribute contributes a certain property which when taken as a whole determine the general distance that you are able to get your geek to travel. You also have a whole team of geek-hating smashers to smash your geek with including Etienne, Marcus, and Ballon, among other characters; each has their own advantage in terms of starting attributes, though you’ll improve the entire team’s performance by levelling up.

Taking a Rusty Blade to Geek Chic

I’m not even close to exaggerating when I say that Berzerk Ball 2 is one of the best and most addictive flash games I have ever played in my life. Not only are you able to customise your geek and send him flying with a multitude of weapons, you can also unlock mini-games that involves various types of skill and variations on the geek-smashing format. The game has premium currency in the form of bronze, silver, and gold bullion, but you can purchase all of the things you need to enjoy yourself with the easily-attainable in-game currency gathered in each level. Berzerk Ball 2 is truly a distance-based masterpiece that allows for high levels of customisation, progression, and most of all, violence: just tell me you’re geek chick, I dare you.