Berzerk Ball 3 Game

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Berzerk Ball 3 – Ideas for improvements and inclusions in a sequel whose eventual existence will make lives worth living

A Colossal Tragedy

If you haven’t had the absolute honour of playing Berserk Ball 2, then I feel nothing but pity and sorrow for you and will weep for your sense of enjoyment from this moment forward on an almost nightly basis (the rest will be spent playing the game). Do you know why I would have such an extreme reaction to the revelation that you haven’t played the aforementioned game? It is because this game is perhaps one of the best distance games in existence, and is up there in the top 5 flash games of all time in my opinion. The fact that Berzerk Ball 3 doesn’t yet exist is perhaps one of the biggest tragedies of the modern age (all wars, terrorist acts, and Jack Klugman’s aka Quincy’ death aside), so I’ve taken it upon myself to muse about the future of the game and come up with a few features and improvements that would make certain of the best geek-smashing experience yet.

Lucking Out

As far as luck being part of the gameplay of Berzerk Ball 2, it is undeniable that it plays a significant part in the progress of your geek across the screen and therefore in your ability to get him to travel greater and greater distances. There is only so far that you can actually go with upgrades to weapons and attributes alone, and the rest is then a matter of luck as to whether your geek travels to the next zone or not. I wouldn’t say that the game is overly reliant on luck, but the fact that you often have to rely on the grumblings at the bottom of the screen to keep your run going, compounded by the fact that these grumblings appear rather randomly, makes it a little frustrating when trying to travel large distances and failing because of bad luck. Berzerk Ball 3 will do well to remedy this in some way, ensuring that the game isn’t too reliant on the luck of object placement to get you those few extra thousand metres or so.

Ultimate Smash?

Another thing that will need improvement in the sequel is the game’s so-called ‘ultimate smash’ feature that is anything but as ultimate as its title suggests it, even in its fully-upgraded state. Now, I’m not saying that it should be made overly powerful in Berzerk Ball 3 since this will eliminate the fun and the challenge of grinding for experience points and purchasing better weapons, but the ultimate smash needs to be a little less pathetic and much more devastating when used. Perhaps it should be harder to fill up the ultimate smash bar but should be about twice as powerful when you finally are able to use it.

It’s a Grind

Berzerk Ball 2 was great once you got going, but to get to the stage where you are in the position to reap the benefits and rewards of having levelled up your attributes and weapons takes quite a bit of time. In other words, beginners must do a lot of grinding to get to the stage where you can smash your geek massive distances, which may put off some beginner players. Perhaps some quicker progression in the early stages could make Berzerk Ball 3 more accessible whilst eliminating ‘beginner’s grind’ as I shall coin it. This way, new players aren’t put off by having to grind for a while to achieve greater distances and those familiar with the game also don’t have to go through the same slow process once again.