DC Character Creator Game

DC Character Creator

In DC Universe Online you can create and customise the look of many popular super hero characters before battling it out with other real players online. This brawler is very well known for it's character creation and customisation options.

Hero Creation Tutorial

dc universe: create a character like batman joker

First, you need to know your morality. Are you a hero or a villain? Then, decide whose team you're fighting for. If you're a hero, you can choose to be mentored by Batman, Wonder Woman, or Superman. The villains may choose to be led by Joker, Circe, or Lex Luthor. But no matter who you're fighting for, we're all fighting against the same thing - the end of existence as we know it.

Choose Your Power & Weapon

dc universe: choose your power and weapon

Now that you know which side you're on, it's time to decide how you will shape your new existence inside the DC Universe. First, you'll select your power. Traditional tank powers include fire and ice. If you prefer to be a healer, you might choose nature or sorcery. Those interested in the controller role should pick gadgets or mental. These are just some of the powers available to choose from.*

Once you've got your power, it's time to choose your weapon. You'll select from a variety of weapons depending on how you like your combat - at a range, or up close and personal. Weapon choices include staff, pistols, martial arts, and bow, as well as many others.*

Now it's time to decide how you'll move through the world!

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Choose Your Identity

You know who you're fighting for. You know how you're fighting. Now it's time to decide how you'll move through the world! Choose from flight, super speed, or acrobatics.*

Every hero has a signature look, and in character create, you'll begin to define yours! Set your custom color palette and choose from a wide variety of skin types, hair styles, and appearance gear. Keep your eyes out when you're out saving the world; there are more styles to collect and unlock as you advance in the game!

*Additional powers, weapons, and movement types may be purchased in the Marketplace or automatically unlocked by having Membership.

Begin Your Legend

dc universe: choose your power and weapon

Your story begins with your hero or villain breaking in to Brainiac's ship. This guided mission will help you learn the basics of movement, combat, targeting, and other gameplay mechanics. This is where you'll begin to understand the action combat fighting style that you'll be mastering throughout your journey to become legend. As you progress through the sections of the ship, you'll learn fighting combinations and how to use items around you to give yourself advantages in battle. Fight your way through with the assistance of a few familiar faces (and voices) from the DC Universe. We've got to get you off that ship and into your first safehouse so you can start helping where it's really needed: out on the streets of Metropolis and Gotham City.

Assist Your Mentor

Welcome to Earth! Once you have escaped Brainiac's ship, the work really begins. Depending on which morality and mentor you've chosen, you'll find yourself in a police station (heroes) or night club (villains) in either Metropolis or Gotham. Here, you'll find consoles for checking your mail, teleporters to help you travel throughout the world, and vendors selling consumables and gear, as well as offering repairs for your equipment. Take a quick lap around your safehouse to get the lay of the land, then open up your mission journal and head out into the world - your mentor needs you. Your city needs you. The DC Universe needs you.

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