Mii Avatar Creator Game

Mii Creator Game

Create your very own Mii avatar character with this flash based creation tool featuring plenty of excellent facial feature and body options. The popular characters from the Nintendo Wii are now possible to make online for free.


Customisation is a feature of video games that has become intertwined with a great number of genres. RPG games, for example, take pride in allowing you to assume the role of one or more main characters in a game, and customisation of said character and the implementation of said personally-tailored character is often an option that makes the game more unique for each individual player. There is a genre of game out there which cuts out the middle man, however, and allows you to customise almost for customisation’s sake: creator games. There are many such games and tools of this genre, but one of the more useful ones (particularly if you own a Nintendo Wii) is Mii Creator. This tool looks similar in design to the standard avatar creator style, but it has the added usefulness of having a crossover with the Nintendo Wii. The tool lets you create your very own avatar, so what is there not to like?

Create Your Own Mii Avatar

Customise and export your very own Mii for the Wii

Miitch Please, My ShMiit is Custom 

Avatar creators such as these always have a pretty standard format, and Mii Creator is certainly no exception. The tool consists of a series of menus, each representing a different feature of the avatar character that stands tall and proudly on the left of the screen, waiting to undergo a makeover at the behest of pretty much anyone in the world that wishes to do so. Its layout is simple: the various customisable features are grouped into categories that line the bottom of the screen in miniature square-button form. Simply click on each and any of the options with your mouse to bring up sub-menus containing a huge number of options for customising your avatar.

Of the many, many aspects of your avatar that can be customised, there are fundamentals like choosing the weight and height of your character by using the sliders on the screen. You can then drill down to more detailed features such as face shape, hair style, eye style, eyebrows, nose shape, moustache style, a beard style, and even the shape and position of a mole should you wish to include one on your avatar’s face. The options truly are more numerous than one would expect in a flash-based tool such as this, and they trump even the quantity seen in the very specific Pony Creator game.

Advantage: Mii

The Mii wii avatar maker has an advantage that many other avatar creation tools do not: compatibility with the Wii, and therefore a usefulness that stretches beyond simply having a bit of fun by just tinkering with a character on the screen. If you click on the ‘save’ button on the corner of the screen, you are given various options that include saving your Mii avatar as specific .mae binary file (this can be loaded back into the editor for later use), viewing the XML code (and having the number-based customisation options that come along with it), and even exporting the avatar as a JPEG or PNG file. The options here are numerous and the very purpose of the tool is much more useful than other creator tools like our Anime Avatar Creator.

This tool certainly isn’t for everyone, but if you own a Nintendo Wii then this tool can be very useful in a similar way to the super mii creator for android and ios, though the tool can also be used just for a bit of fun without ever having to own the associated console. The design and implementation of the tool are both very professional and polished, and the interface is extremely easy to navigate as well. This is probably one of the best avatar creators you can possibly experience, and all the more fun because it can be used in conjunction with the Nintendo Wii.

Score: 80/100