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Pony Avatar Creator

Make your own four-legged creations with this equine delight

Stick a Pony In Your Pocket

Creativity can come to us in many different forms. Some like to make music, many enjoy painting, while others write lines of beautiful poetry to please themselves on a level that many other daily activities such as work cannot. Though it may be a fairly niche pastime, some like to come up with their own creations, whether these are their own anime characters, cities (Sim City for example), or in the case of Pony Creator, a cute, four-legged miniature avatar. This is one of many types of games out there of its kind, but it is one of the few that offers quite a significant range of choices when it comes to customising your pony to any kind of look you can think of. Whether you want to make it fat and short or tall and unicorn-like, this avatar maker almost definitely has the options you’re looking for.

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Ponying About

The game’s interface is extremely simple: just a plain pony avatar (essentially a blank equine canvass, if you will) and a number of different options on the left-hand side to choose from. Everything is controlled through the mouse which should be used to click on the multitude of options located in the customisation menu on the left. Your alterations will then be applied immediately to the pony, which takes up a majority of the screen so that you can properly see the fruits of your creation. Note that the game is 2D maker as opposed to a 3D version, but you will find that this 2D version has more options to choose from and is simpler to use.

The options to choose from are plentiful. The alterations come under categories which include being able to make changes to the body, eyes, mane, face, tail, and colour of your pony as well as being able to pick from advanced colour editing options, hi-resolution exporting options, and the ability to save a unique code so that your pony can be recreated at a later time.

Choices Galore

The specific options available to you are quite extensive allowing you to make the perfect Twilight Sparkle or Rainbow Dash if you wish to follow the typical My Little Pony ponies or you can go your own way. You’ll notice that each category, such as that which lets you tinker with the body of your pony, contains several sub-categories, which in the case of the body consist of being able to change your pony’s height, weight, and “buffness” via separate sliders; there are also different head types, horns, and even the option to add wings in as well. The eye, mane, face, and tail options contain just as much choice and potential for customisation of the tiniest and subtlest features. This ensures that your pony can be edited to your very own specifications and also has the advantage of meaning that your pony isn’t likely to be similar to anyone else’s in the world.

Simple but Thoroughly Enjoyable

If you’re into the creation game market and enjoy these kinds of games, then this game is a simple yet very powerful tool that allows you to customise and export your very own unique pony. The number different looks that can be produced is staggering because of the fine detail which the game lets you go into when editing your pony. The game is limited in the sense that there is no gameplay to speak of in the classical sense. It more than fulfils its purpose as a customisation tool in a niche market, however. We'd also recommend you test the pony creator for android and ios It has all the options the flash version has and has built in touch screen controls making designing your pony on a mobile device even easier than ever before. If you have the desire for more of an in-game world with customisation features, you should try out the hugely popular IMVU or ourWorld instead.

Rating: 78/100