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Sonic Scene Creator 5 Game

Sonic Scene Creator 5 allows you to make a custom sonic stage using popular characters and props from the official sonic series of games. It's a simple click, drag and drop interface that gives you total control over where you position each object and how many of each you use. You can have multiple sonic, tales, Dr Robotnik, amy, shadow, knuckles and even super sonic (how cool!).

It's one of the best sonic makers you can find for free online and rivals that of the original sonic character designer you can also play on our website. As the canvas of the game spans the entire screen, there is plenty of room to play with an even set up multiple levels of one canvas.

Six Different Background Styles to Design With

Version 5 of the scene creator has six different background styles to design with using popular stages from within the actual game series as reference. This includes Emerald Hill Zone and Ice Cap Zones. While the actual Sonic movie may have received a lukewarm response from fans, thankfully fan games like this one and the official series remain gems for any sonic fan.

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